One in ten cars was involved in an accident in Curaçao in 2022

May 5, 2023 –WILLEMSTAD – Last year there were 10,261 traffic incidents with damage in Curaçao, in which 18,782 cars were involved. In almost 95 percent of these reports, it was an accident. This is evident from the annual figures from Forensys, which registers damage reports on behalf of insurers. 

With 88,639 insured vehicles on the road, this means that nearly eleven percent of all insured cars, or one in ten, were involved in one or more accidents last year. 

By far the most troublemakers are men, almost sixty percent. The age group between 26 and 35 years old has the most troublemakers, men, and women combined. 

Most accidents happen in November and December, with the last month of the year accounting for just over ten percent of the accidents. 

In 1591 accidents, an ambulance had to assist because one or more occupants were injured. The number of accidents with injuries is almost the same every month. Last year, 25 people died in traffic. 

In almost one in ten accidents, one or more cars with right-hand drive were involved. In more than half of the accidents, the right-hand driver was responsible for the accident. 

Just over nine percent of the drivers involved in an accident fled the scene afterward. One in ten, and especially in December, when more accidents were also registered. It is not surprising that in 82 percent of those accidents, the hit-and-run driver, according to Forensys, was responsible for the accident. 

The Caracasbaaiweg tops the list with 358 accidents. Followed by 290 on the Schottegatweg Noord and 258 on the Winston Churchillweg. 

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