Official Outline for Campaign Material for January 11 2024 Parliamentary Elections

November 21, 2023  -PHLIPSBURG, Sint Maarten— The Ministry of General Affairs alongside the Central Voting Bureau is pleased to update the public on the rules for political campaign material the Parliamentary Elections slated for January 11, 2024.

The Minister of Justice of Sint Maarten, Honorable Anna Richardson recently announced that a general permit is granted concerning the placement of Political Campaign Material in Public Spaces with a view to the Elections to the interested political parties for the placement, installation, or possession of Political Campaign Material in Public Spaces during the period from 00:00 on November 22 to January 13, 2024.

This general permit is granted under the following conditions:

  1. The instructions of the police regarding traffic safety and prevention of disorders regarding the placement of Political Campaign Material must be followed.
  2. For the sake of traffic safety, it is prohibited to place Political Campaign Material on roundabouts on the island or 10 meters before the start of roundabouts.
  3. Political Campaign Material must not impede or endanger traffic by placing it on or at Traffic Facilities.
  4. Political Campaign Material must not be placed:
    1. on top of Political Campaign Material from another political party.
    2. on or at the property of others without the owner’s or user’s permission.
    3. in a way that obstructs or makes public traffic unsafe; and
    4. within five (5) meters from the polling station, measured from the entrance.
  5. The content of Political Campaign Material must not be offensive in any way.
  6. The political party is liable for damage, nuisance, or inconvenience caused by or because of the placement or installation, as well as for the risk associated with any police measures regarding Political Campaign Material and is obligated to remove the Political Campaign Material placed on public roads by January 13, 2024, at the latest.
  7. Political Campaign Material placed or installed by anyone other than a political party, on behalf of a specific political party, is deemed to have been placed by or on behalf of the latter party, pursuant to this permit, to the extent that this is the case in Public Spaces.
  8. The Minister can revoke the individual permit right to place Political Campaign Material from the political party that does not comply with the conditions of this general permit.
  9. In this general permit, the following terms are understood as:
    1. Public Spaces: all public roads as described in article 1 sub i of the Traffic Regulation of Sint Maarten and all public places as described in article 1 sub b of the Public Manifestations Regulation.
    2. Political Campaign Material: all material in the broadest sense used for conducting a political campaign, including, but not limited to, posters, stickers, posters, signs, flags, brochures, and flyers.
    3. Traffic Facilities: the traffic signs and signals as described in article 2 of the Traffic Regulation of Sint Maarten.
    4. Elections: the elections on January 11th, 2024, for the election of members of the Parliament of Sint Maarten.

This information was previously sent by the Minister of Justice to the political party leaders to ensure transparency. The Ministry of General Affairs and the Central Voting Bureau encourage all voters to stay informed about election developments as we continue preparations for Election Day. Further details regarding polling station locations, voting hours, and public order protocols will be communicated in subsequent releases.

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