Nuto Wawoe’s extradition to Curaçao will not be heard until May 2nd in Santo Domingo

April 28, 2023  –SANTO DOMINGO – NLS gang leader Urvin Laurence Wawoe, alias Nuto, will have to wait until May 3 before the court in Santo Domingo rules on his extradition from the Netherlands to Curaçao. 

His lawyer asked for more time and it was granted. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to bring in someone who speaks Papiamento. The prosecution in Curaçao suspects Nuto of, among other things, money laundering, drug trafficking, and murder. 

Ten days ago, he and two other suspects linked to the Mocro Mafia were arrested in the Netherlands. 

The judges of the second criminal chamber of the Supreme Court also imposed pre-trial detention on Dutch nationals Terence Angelo Richard de Vries and Denis Goedee, both linked to the Mocro Mafia network in the Netherlands. Their extradition request from the Netherlands will be heard on June 13. 

Artistic world 

Until his arrest on April 17th, Nuto, led a luxurious life in the Dominican Republic. A search for his nickname on YouTube leads to various videos of him as a rapper. 

The suspect of drug trafficking, arms trafficking, murder, and other crimes in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with Mocro mafia members Dennis Goedee and Terence Angelo Richard de Vries, registered two companies with the Dutch National Office for Intellectual Property, Onapi, which specializes in the artistic world and event productions. 

One company, named Blue Amsterdam, was founded in 2017 as a bar-restaurant and karaoke center that also offers recording studio services. The second company, Gangstamillo, was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to everything related to the music industry. 

Nuto filmed music videos in the poorest neighborhoods of the country, in which he shows off money, clothing, and luxury vehicles, which are confiscated by authorities. In one of them, he even appears with a handkerchief with the shield of the Dominican flag, writes Diario Libre in Santo Domingo. 

On the YouTube channel TRU2TRU Official, there are various audiovisuals, some of which have been viewed more than a million times. 

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