Nuggets showing plenty of poise in these NBA Finals against Heat

June 10, 2023  -MIAMI (AP) — The Denver Nuggets act like they’ve been here before.

There is an unmistakable poise to the Nuggets, who are only one win away from their first NBA championship and could hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy as early as Monday night when the finals return to Denver for Game 5. Their stars have been starry in their first finals appearance. Their role players have delivered. There hasn’t been a colossal blunder. And even on the cusp of a title, they refuse to change their approach.

“We need to win one more,” two-time MVP Nikola Jokic said.

That’s the Nuggets. Simple. Effective. Blunt.

With Jokic and Jamal Murray leading the way, and with basically a different person stepping up to be the third hero every night so far for the Nuggets, they have the Miami Heat in serious trouble now. They lead the finals 3-1 and with potentially two of the next three games — if needed — in Denver.

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