Nine detained in major drug bust in Bermuda

April 28, 2023  -Police in Bermuda seized more than US$14 million in marijuana and arrested nine men, including a senior customs officer, after they intercepted two vehicles last week after they left the executive jet facility at LF Wade International Airport.

The authorities said that a search of the individuals and their luggage led to police recovering “a significant quantity” of marijuana, said the police spokesperson.

They said the seizure was part of a wider drug bust dubbed ‘Operation Furud’ and led to search warrants at residences in several parishes including Pembroke, Hamilton, Warwick, and Southampton.

“This seizure has led to the dismantling of a major drug-trafficking ring and left Bermuda a much safer place,” said Acting Superintendent Sherwin Joseph, the officer in charge of the crime division.

“The BPS is well aware that efforts such as this, aimed at trafficking drugs into the island, often involve the illegal importation of firearms and other contraband. We will continue to work with our partners at our ports of entry to strengthen existing security controls and protect our community.”

Shadow Minister of National Security, Michael Dunkley, in congratulating the officers and organisations involved in the seizure, saying “a bust of this magnitude takes a lot of coordination, a lot of people involved, and a lot of communication so I want to applaud all of those involved.

“People know that I’m on record for always supporting those who work to rid our community of illegal drugs. There are too many who are profiting off the sale of illegal drugs in our community and ruining people’s lives and ruining families.”


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