Nine Aruban prisoners temporarily transferred to Curaçao

April 19, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD, ORANJESTAD – Nine prisoners from Aruba have been temporarily transferred to Curaçao due to the ongoing renovation of the prison in Aruba. The Coast Guard was responsible for transporting the prisoners on board a cutter to the neighboring island, where they will serve their sentences in the local prison. 

The Minister of Justice, Shalten Hato confirmed the transfer and stated that this was not unexpected. The countries within the Caribbean part of the Kingdom have an agreement to support each other in the event of a shortage of prison cells. 

While the prisoners will be serving their sentences in Curaçao, they will be under the jurisdiction of the Aruban prison system. The temporary transfer of prisoners is a common practice within the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, as it allows for the efficient use of prison capacity and resources. 

It is not yet clear how long the prisoners will remain in Curaçao or when they will be transferred back to Aruba once the renovations of the prison are completed. However, the temporary transfer ensures that the prisoners will continue to serve their sentences while also ensuring their safety and well-being. 

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