New collaboration aims to expedite land allocation for housing in Curaçao

December 14, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – A significant step has been taken to expedite the land allocation process for housing in Curaçao. Minister of Traffic, Transportation, and Spatial Planning, Charles Cooper, has signed a collaboration protocol between Domain Management and the Urban Planning Service (ROP). 

The reason for initiating this protocol is that Domain Management has been unable to promptly handle the high demand for land allocation for housing due to issues at the Urban Planning Service. 

This protocol, aimed at improving Domain Management’s productivity, includes an ‘Advance Policy Note’ to streamline the ‘land lease’ process for housing. 

Essential for success is the collaboration between Domain Management and ROP, with ROP providing advice on urban planning and development. This is expected to expedite the processing of applications, including land allocation for housing. 

The protocol covers straightforward applications such as the initial allocation of land, change of function, and plot extensions. Complex applications will be handled on an individual basis. This collaboration between Domain Management and ROP focuses exclusively on land applications, not technical construction matters. 

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