New book, Leading Schools to Success – 7 Helpful Tips by René E. Baly, Ed.D. published in St. Martin

June 22, 2023  –GREAT BAY, St. Martin (June 22, 2023)—The new book Leading Schools to Success – 7 Helpful Tips by René E. Baly, Ed.D., just published here, is available at ARNIA Bookstore and Van Dorp Sint Maarten.

“Aspiring, new, and experienced school leaders will find these 7 Tips both applicable and useful in guiding their schools and teams to success,” said Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks, Manager at the Open Campus, Anguilla, University of the West Indies.

Baly, a native of Rambaud, St. Martin, and a Milton Peters College alumnus, “has been an educator in the USA for nearly 40 years” said HNP, the book’s publisher.

School culture, student learning, identifying stakeholders, teacher training, and the principal’s commitment, are among the chapter areas of the manual-style Leading Schools to Success.

The “tips” in Leading Schools to Success “share experiences from a principal’s perspective on the day-to-day operations of leading a successful school that allows for the growth of students, teachers, professional staff, and support staff,” said Baly.

“The topics discussed are easily transferable to all school levels, including pre-school, middle level schools, and high schools,” said Baly in the preface to his first book.

“Dr. Baly disseminates helpful tips to guide principals as the leaders of their schools’ success. As captains at the helms of their educational ships, school administrators are afforded a practical toolkit to navigate the daily demands of creating and sustaining literary safe spaces for teaching and learning,” said New York author, educator Dr. Renee White.

“As an elementary school principal in Florida, Baly worked as a Miami-Dade County Public Schools district and regional trainer on leadership, budget and finance, business and personnel management, teacher evaluation systems, and early childhood initiatives,” said HNP.

Baly has “chaired district task forces and was a committee member for teacher evaluation, early childhood programs, and bilingual education” and has “mentored aspiring principals,” said his publisher.

Our new author brings an artistic feature to his biography as well, said HNP president Jacqueline Sample. “As a keyboardist for Johnny Dread, Baly has played jazz and reggae festivals in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Peru, and Puerto Rico,” said Sample.

The publication of Leading Schools to Success – 7 Helpful Tips by René E. Baly, Ed.D.,  is also a pre-St Martin Book Fair 2023 project, said the lit fest coordinator Shujah Reiph.

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