Netherlands’ public transport 2nd most expensive in the world

July 13, 2023  –AMSTERDAM – The Netherlands has the second most expensive public transport in the world, according to a study by Compare The Market. With an average one-way fare of $3.65 and a monthly pass at $87.51, the Netherlands is second only to Switzerland, where a one-way ticket costs $3.97 on average and a monthly pass $88.26. “Maybe this is why so many Dutch people prefer to travel by bicycle,” the Australian site speculated. 

Compare The Market complied its ranking using data from Numbeo, which collects information about cost of living factors worldwide. The Netherlands’ average one-way fare is the second most expensive in the world, and its average monthly pass is the sixth most expensive. Together, they earned the Netherlands its second-place ranking. 

At these rates, the Netherlands also holds three of the top 5 spots for the most expensive cities to use public transport.

Eindhoven ($4.83), The Hague ($4.29), and Rotterdam (4.29) are the second, third, and fourth most expensive cities in the world for public transport costs. The Swiss cities of Zurich and Lausanne hold first and fifth place, respectively. 

Australia rounds out the top three countries for the most expensive public transport costs, with a one-way fare of $2.93 and a monthly pass of $106.93 on average. 

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