Much is still unclear about Kingdom Conference, even the date has not been determined

June 2, 2023  –THE HAGUE – There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Kingdom Conference to be held later this year, including the date: “The aim is to hold it at the end of 2023,” writes State Secretary Alexandra Van Huffelen in her response to the “agreements list” from the Interparliamentary Kingdom Consultations held in March. At the request of the Second Chamber Committee, she sent her response to the Chamber on the eve of the IpKo, which began today. 

“Currently, under the coordination of Curaçao, efforts are being made to establish a Kingdom Committee. This committee, consisting of delegations from the four countries, is responsible for organizing and shaping the program of the Kingdom Conference. The committee will consider how to accommodate the wishes of the parliaments to have a role in the Kingdom Conference. This also applies to a potential role for private stakeholders, civil society organizations, and knowledge institutions. Discussions are still ongoing between the countries regarding the location and exact date of the conference,” says Van Huffelen. 

“At the moment, the four countries are collaborating to shape this conference. They are examining the best way to provide substantive content on various topics, such as the distribution of responsibilities within the Kingdom and the democratic deficit. Additionally, they are also exploring the possibility of incorporating additional topics such as poverty reduction, healthcare, human rights, and education. Given that these are significant subjects, discussions are currently underway to determine how to effectively address all these topics during the conference.” 

Furthermore, several years ago, an attempt was made to organize an annual Kingdom Conference. However, after two unsuccessful meetings and ongoing difficulties regarding the agenda, the initiative quietly faded away. 

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