MPs back plans to end two-year rental contracts, vote next week

May 12, 2023  -A clear majority of MPs support plans to stop landlords from giving tenants two-year contracts without good reason, despite the cabinet’s opposition to the proposal. The proposal, drawn up by PvdA MP Henk Nijboer and ChristenUnie’s Pieter Grinwis, would still allow landlords to cancel tenancies if they need the property for a parent or child to live in.

People who move abroad for work are currently allowed to rent out their property for a limited period and that right would remain. Landlords were given the option of two-year contracts in 2016 because, ministers said, the measure would boost the supply of rental housing. However, that actual impact was one of increasing tenant uncertainty and boosting rental prices, Nijboer and Grinwis say. MPs are due to vote on the plan next week, after which it will go to the senate for approval.

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