MP expresses concern over power outages in Curaçao and seeks answers from minister

June 9, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Member of Parliament for the coalition party MFK, David Seferina, has addressed a letter to Minister of Economy Ruisandro Cijntje, highlighting the ongoing electricity supply issues in Curaçao since June 1st. Seferana raises concerns about the significant portion of the island that has been without power, leading to adverse effects on both residential and commercial sectors as Aqualectra struggles to provide electricity. 

Seferana points out cases where electrical appliances in homes and businesses have been damaged due to the unstable power supply. Aqualectra has clarified that the power outages stem from a defect in the production system, with their technicians working to resolve the issue. In response, the community has been informed about the precarious power situation through social media, and Aqualectra has requested conservation of electricity usage. 

With numerous complaints from their faction and a highly concerned community, the parliamentarian calls for Minister Cijnte to address the reasons behind Aqualectra’s inability to deliver a consistent electricity supply. Specific information is sought regarding the neighborhoods affected (by name) and the duration of the power outages. 

Furthermore, Seferana requests insights into the minister’s energy plan, particularly how long the community can expect a reliable power supply if such a plan exists. Additionally, they inquire about the investments made and planned between 2020 and 2025 to optimize the power grid. A detailed timeline is requested, indicating the investment amounts from 2020 to May 2023 and from June 2023 to December 2025. 

The parliamentarian also seeks clarification on whether Aqualectra will cover the costs of repairing electrical/electronic appliances damaged during these outages. 

In conclusion, Seferana urges Minister Cijnjte to commit to ensuring a reliable power supply to the people of Curaçao in the short term. The letter was sent prior to the blackout that occurred on June 8th. 

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