MP Doran Issues a Call for Collaboration for St. Maarten’s Energy Crisis

June 7, 2024  -As St. Maarten is faced with a pressing energy crisis, Member of Parliament Egbert J. Doran is issuing a call for collaborative action. In a letter addressed to Deputy Prime Minister Veronica Jansen-Webster, MP Doran articulates the urgent need to address the challenges posed by the frequent power outages plaguing our island as united citizens, looking past differing political ideologies.
Recognizing the significant impact of the energy crisis on the lives of the people and economic activities on St. Maarten, MP Doran emphasizes the importance of decisive and effective action. With the aging generators of N.V. GEBE struggling to meet the increasing energy demands, MP Doran proposes a multifaceted approach to finding solutions.
At the core of MP Doran’s proposal is the exploration of alternative energy sources, including the possibility of acquiring a power barge to supply electricity to the country. Based on his experience attending the Carilec conference where the electricity barge was presented, MP Doran highlights the importance of exploring this option with stakeholders both regionally and internationally via N.V. GEBE as the company is a member of Carilec.
Furthermore, MP Doran suggests practical measures to alleviate the strain on the Cay Bay Power Plant, including engaging major institutions to run their generators as has been the widespread suggestion by citizens on various media platforms. He also suggests exploring the feasibility of installing smaller containerized generators with a modular system setup at various substations. In addition, MP Doran calls on the Government to explore the possibility of reducing diesel cost and requesting businesses to consider the option of reducing the prices of diesel generators in order to make them more affordable for the citizens. “If feasible, these options can significantly ease the burden on the grid and aid in getting us through this crisis. It will take a collective effort for us to reach our end goal, which in the short-term is for the citizens to first and foremost have energy consistently and in the long-term to achieve sustainable energy”, said MP Doran.
In addition to exploring alternative energy sources, MP Doran requests regular updates to Parliament on the solutions being explored, stressing the importance of keeping Parliament fully informed to ensure transparency and collective action.

As a former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of VROMI, MP Doran is willing to work closely with the Government, relevant stakeholders and all other willing public and private representatives of St. Maarten to explore and implement effective and timely solutions to the energy crisis.

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