Ministry of TEATT Celebrates Successful Implementation of Plate Processing Initiative

October 12, 2023  -PHILIPSBURG–The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport, and Telecommunication (TEATT) is proud to announce the successful processing of all Bus B, Taxi, G and T (Tours) along with R (Rental) license plate applications received from “Dutch National/Passport Holders” who completed the application process during Phases one (1) and two (2) of the transportation service improvement initiative brought forward by TEAT Minister Arthur Lambriex earlier this year.

Minister Lambriex announced Wednesday evening that the Ministry has reached a maximum number of these License Plates and can no longer accommodate new requests. “In line with our commitment to responsible governance and planning for the future, the Ministry has decided to reserve a portion of license plates for each category. This strategic move ensures that we can sustain a controlled annual growth rate of 1% to 2% while adhering to the established caps for each license plate category,” said Minister Lambriex. This “forward-thinking approach” sets the stage for sustainable growth in the public transportation sector over the next decade without necessitating adjustments to the existing limits.

The Ministry of TEATT views this initiative as a resounding success, as it has illuminated the long-standing issues within the public transportation sector. Lambriex said, “Through our efforts, it has come to light that many license holders have neglected even the most basic requirements, including registering designated drivers with our Ministry. As a result, we have introduced new measures that place the government in a better position as the controlling authority to ensure full compliance with the regulations by permit holders.” These measures will curtail previously unchecked practices and provide the government with effective means to regulate the sector. Minister Lambriex also dispelled rumors and unfounded political attacks directed at the Ministry and its endeavors. ”

Contrary to the speculations, there are no plates for sale. Our initiative’s primary objective is to end the exploitation of the island’s residents through plate rentals and leases,” said Minister Lambriex. Candidate selection and plate issuance were based on submitting documents in compliance with the established requirements. He said the Ministry of TEATT has implemented stringent measures to address historical tendencies and behaviors, rectifying past issues and ensuring a more transparent and regulated system. “Moreover, we have set aside a contingency for up to a 2% annual growth if the need arises, for the next ten years, following the reevaluation of the moratorium in two years,” said Minister Lambriex.

The release stated that the Ministry of TEATT remains committed to fostering a sustainable and equitable public transportation system that benefits the entire community. “We look forward to the continued growth and development of the sector while ensuring the highest standards of governance.”

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