Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (MECYS)

June 7, 2023  -Minister Rodolphe Samuel and the Department of Sports, within the Ministry of Education,
Culture, Youth, and Sports invites the public to the grand opening of the Boardwalk sports park
which has been developed in collaboration with Port St. Maarten Group, Argos Cement, and the
Minister of Finance Mr. Ardwell Irion. This exciting addition to the sports infrastructure will be
inaugurated on June 10th, 2023, from 04:00 PM to 6:30 PM and promises to be an opening filled
with excitement and fun.
Located on the picturesque boardwalk, attendees will have the opportunity to try out different
sports available; from instructions from the experts on how to use the fitness equipment to
partaking in a beach volleyball, beach football or bocce ball clinic, as well as participating in
various games organized by Fire Fit Gym, Sint Maarten Bodybuilding and Fitness Association,
Monster Factory, Sint Maarten Beach Volleyball Association, Sint Maarten Volleyball Association,
Sint Maarten Football Federation and Special Olympics Sint Maarten.
The park features a fitness circuit with 9 different fitness stations including a wheelchair-friendly
device, a calisthenics device, two FIVB-approved beach volleyball fields, an official 60ft bocce
ball court, and two small-size goals for beach football. In addition, a calisthenics device was also
placed in collaboration with Argos Cement at the Belvedere sports park complementary to the
existing fitness machines.
With the Department’s “sport for all” vision, the “Sint Maarten Sports Facilities policy was
developed and approved in 2021 highlighting the need to integrate sports spaces into spatial
planning and to facilitate an active and healthy lifestyle for all citizens through activating
opportunities for physical activity in the public space.
Based on the Sports Facilities’ policy, an “activating public spaces for physical activity plan” was
developed to provide opportunities to maximize the potential of public spaces suitable for
physical and recreational activities. Some of the ideas lay focus on outdoor fitness, calisthenics,
and beach sports.
In collaboration with Port St. Maarten Group, the boardwalk was identified as a great location as
it is currently a highly visited area for physical activity in the public space as it is used for cardio
exercise. Permission to install the equipment in the public domain was formally granted by the
Minister of VROMI, Mr. Egbert Doran York. The installation of outdoor fitness stations and a
calisthenics device provides the community and visitors to the island with more opportunities to
engage in physical activity, offering a wide range of exercises in order to do a full-body workout.
The equipment is free to use, making access to physical activity more accessible to those who
may not have had the opportunity or means to engage in it previously.
All the equipment is user-friendly, functional, anti-vandalism to prevent destructive behavior, all
weatherproof, and low in maintenance as stated as a prerequisite in the Sports Facilities Policy.
The materials are also easily removable in case of hurricanes or other usages of the area and will
be maintained on a weekly basis.
The department looks forward to the community coming out to utilize the equipment, as the
activation of public spaces with sporting equipment is a convenient and enjoyable way to
engage in physical activity, which in turn will help to improve the overall health and well-being
of our citizens.
We thank our partners Port St. Maarten Group, Argos Cement, the Minister of Finance Mr.
Ardwell Irion, and the Minister of VROMI Mr. Egbert Doran York, for their contribution to
ensuring the development of both parks. We look forward to the community coming out this
Saturday at 04:00 PM to celebrate the opening of both parks.

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