Ministers of Justice and Finance Present Calculations for Justice Employees to His Excellency the Governor

August 18, 2023  -Philipsburg – The Honorable Minister of Justice, Anna E. Richardson, and the Honorable Minister of Finance, Ardwell Irion, accompanied by their support staff, recently concluded a significant milestone by presenting computed calculations for Justice employees to His Excellency Ajamu Baly, the Governor of Sint Maarten.

This presentation marks the final stage in the comprehensive process led by the Minister of Finance, leading up to the submission of a budget amendment to the Parliament of Sint Maarten.

The legislative journey encompasses several vital steps. The draft amendment is initially brought before the Council of Ministers for approval, followed by submission to the Council of Advice for meticulous review. Subsequently, the legislation advances to the Parliament of Sint Maarten for thorough discussion, culminating in a decisive vote.

Head of Planning and Control, Mrs. Saskia Thomas-Salomon, represented Minister Richardson during the presentation to His Excellency. This presentation mirrored the detailed discourse that had been shared with the CCSU (Central Committee for Civil Servants’ Union), the Council of Advice, and Justice personnel through a Town Hall gathering earlier in July 2023.

The core objective of this presentation to His Excellency, the Governor, is to provide a transparent comprehension of the intricate historical personnel data calculations. Moreover, it underscores the critical importance of the Governor’s role as the competent authority responsible regarding the Kingdom Law. This legal measure also encompasses the introduction of new Salary Scales for Police personnel, alongside the enactment of the approved Function Book.

The presentation highlighted the diligent calculations that resulted in identifying the total financial debt owed to the Justice employees, APS, SZV, etc. Additionally, the presentation illuminated the Ministry of Justice’s forthcoming obligations towards its staff members, predicated on the positions outlined within the Function Book, coupled with the associated salary valuations.

The Minister of Finance, Ardwell Irion, expressed his satisfaction at achieving this pivotal juncture and commended the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Justice and Finance, as well as all stakeholders involved. Minister Anna E. Richardson conveyed her gratitude for the unwavering commitment exhibited by her team and the support in collaborative effort between the Ministry of Finance and Justice. She also and emphasized the significance of equitable remuneration for the dedicated personnel within the Justice sector.

The presentation to His Excellency Ajamu Baly signifies a step forward in the ongoing commitment to ensure fair treatment and adequate compensation for Justice employees. The Government of Sint Maarten remains steadfast in its endeavors to uphold transparency, accountability, and the welfare of its civil servants.

The Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E Richardson, the Honorable Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion,

Saskia Thomas-Salomon, Head of Planning & Control Justice, Tiffany Glascow- Policy Advisor Minister of Justice, Catherine Connor – Finance, Nicole Marlin- Senior Policy Advisor.

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