Minister Richardson and KPSM honors Deborah Ann Rombley in a Retirement and Appreciation Ceremony

September 17, 2023  -Philipsburg — On Friday, September 15, 2023, the organizing committee at the KPSM (Korps Politie Sint Maarten) came together to celebrate the retirement and express their heartfelt appreciation for Ms. Deborah Ann Rombley, an outstanding public servant who has dedicated over four decades to the Ministry of Justice and the Government of Sint Maarten.

The ceremony, held at a location filled with history and significance, saw a distinguished lineup of speakers and performers, including The Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson, Chief of Police Carl John, and Sharon Canegiter, President of WICSU, among others. They all joined in paying tribute to Ms. Rombley, who has earned a reputation as a one-of-a-kind asset to the KPSM.

The Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson delivered a moving speech, stating, “We have gathered here to express our heartfelt gratitude and extend a sincere thank you to a remarkable individual who has dedicated over four decades of her life in service to the Ministry of Justice and, by extension, the Government of Sint Maarten. That individual is none other than Ms. Deborah Ann Rombley.”

Ms. Rombley’s remarkable journey in public service began on June 1st, 1980 when she joined the Federal Government Service (KPNA) as an Administrative Clerk in the Immigration Department, located on the Backstreet in those early days. Throughout the years, she exhibited unwavering commitment, determination, and a strong work ethic.

Her career continued to flourish even as the Immigration Department transitioned to the Walter Kramers Police Station in 1992. Ms. Rombley gracefully adapted to change and showcased her professionalism. By 1995, she had moved on to the Department of JAZ (Permits department), displaying her versatility and adaptability.

In 2005, she faced another transition as she was transferred from the JAZ department to the Administration department, where she took on the role of Department Head. This marked a significant milestone in her career, and her leadership qualities shone brightly.

Throughout her journey, Ms. Rombley weathered the storms of reorganizations, consistently adapting to change and demonstrating resilience as a dedicated public servant. Her unwavering commitment has left an indelible mark on the Ministry of Justice and the Government of Sint Maarten.

Ms. Deborah Ann Rombley is officially set to retire on November 11th, 2023, marking an astonishing 43 years and 6 months of unparalleled service. Her dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment have left an indelible mark on the Ministry of Justice and the Government of Sint Maarten.

As a token of appreciation from the Ministry of Justice, Minister Richardson presented Ms. Rombley with a time piece and stated “As we express our gratitude today, let us also reflect on the value of time. Time is a precious commodity that cannot be replenished. Ms. Rombley, you have chosen to spend a significant portion of your life in the service of our nation. Your dedication, sacrifices, and contributions have not gone unnoticed, and you have positively impacted the lives of countless individuals through your work in the Ministry of Justice.

On behalf of the Ministry of Justice, the Government of Sint Maarten, and in particular KPSM, as well as the entire community, we extend our deepest thanks to you, Ms. Deborah Ann Rombley. Your legacy of service will serve as an inspiration to future generations of public servants. May your retirement be filled with joy, relaxation, and the knowledge that you have left an indelible mark on our beloved Sint Maarten.”

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