Minister Pisas and GMN met with the Animal Care Foundation to discuss Animal Welfare Act

May 26, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The Animal Welfare Act came into effect on January 1, 2023. The Ministry of Public Health (GMN) and the Animal Care Foundation are responsible for the enforcement of this law. Minister of General Affairs, in charge of the Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources sector of the Ministry of GMN, Gilmar Pisas, along with the GMN management team and Veterinary Affairs, met with the Animal Care Foundation (Dierenbescherming) to discuss the various challenges encountered after the law came into effect. The main focus of the discussion was on the financial aspect and the need for specialized personnel for the proper implementation and maintenance of the law. 

The Ministry of GMN has allocated a budget for the enforcement of the law, but it is important to note that donations received by the Animal Care Foundation are also crucial since the funds allocated may not be sufficient to achieve the desired effect. It must be said that despite the financial situation, the Animal Care Foundation is making every effort. With these funds, the foundation carries out awareness and control projects, as well as sterilization programs. Qualified personnel are also of great importance. This issue will also be addressed since currently, the foundation only has two additional ordinary inspector agents, which is insufficient. 

It is known, for example, that there are many stray dogs roaming around, causing considerable nuisance in various areas. Now that this Animal Welfare Act has come into effect, it is important for each of us who have animals at home to take note of this law. It is important for us to assume our responsibilities and, where necessary, take care of our pets properly or make use of the sterilization program. Minister Pisas, along with the GMN and the Animal Care Foundation, will come together within a few weeks to follow a step-by-step plan to address the situation. 

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