Minister Ottley: 1 year extension for the exercise program for senior organizations

August 7, 2023  –PHILIPSBURG — The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Omar Ottley continues exercise classes through Community Development, Family & Humanitarian Affairs (CDFHA), a department within the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor.

In accordance with its mandate, CDFHA explored various avenues of collaboration with senior organizations to gain a better understanding of their circumstances and assessed the senior organizations registered with the department.

Deriving from the assessment, CDFHA executed a three-month exercise pilot program, facilitated by Fitness Attitude for the senior organizations. The classes were provided once a week at each senior organization and a large number of seniors enjoyed the classes.

Following the trial period, it was determined through feedback that the seniors were enthusiastic about the classes and the leaders of the organizations requested that the classes continue.

“One of the benefits of exercise classes for the seniors is improving their cardiovascular health, which combats premature death caused by an inactive lifestyle that may lead to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and hypertension,” the minister said.

In light of the aforementioned, Minister Ottley deemed it essential to continue the program for a year. “These classes correspond well with the assessment that the Department of Collective Preventive Services (CPS), is currently conducting in regards to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD),” said Minister Ottley.

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