Minister Omar Ottley: Simpsonbay Basketball Court Shines Bright for the Christmas Season

December 18, 2023  –PHILIPSBURG– On Sunday December 17th, the Simpsonbay basketball court shined brightly once again, thanks to the swift action taken by the Community Development and Humanitarian Family Affairs and the Minister of Public Health, Social Development, and Labor, Omar Ottley. Recognizing the longstanding issue of inadequate lighting at the ball court, Minister Ottley swiftly responded to the concerns voiced by the organizations within the Simpsonbay community.

Since the devastating hurricane Irma in 2017, the Simpsonbay basketball court has been without proper lighting, creating significant challenges for the players and limiting the court’s usability during evening hours. However, Minister Ottley, during his recent visit to Simpsonbay for the repair of backboards and basketball nets, was informed by members of the Jason A Peterson foundation about their ongoing efforts to raise funds for the installation of proper lights.

Upon learning about this need, the National Sports Institute reached out to Minister Ottley in his role as Minister of Community Development. Recognizing the importance of a well-lit basketball court for the community’s well-being and recreational activities, Minister Ottley immediately took action to address the issue.

“By enhancing the lighting at the Simpsonbay basketball court, we are not only improving opportunities for physical exercise and sports but also fostering community engagement,” stated Minister Ottley. “I am committed to ensuring that our communities have the necessary resources to thrive, and this lighting upgrade is just one example of our dedication.”

The installation of new lighting at the Simpsonbay basketball court will not only create a safer and more enjoyable playing environment but also facilitate evening games, tournaments, and community gatherings. The initiative will greatly benefit the Jason A Peterson foundation and all basketball enthusiasts in the area.

As the Christmas season approaches, the newly lit Simpsonbay basketball court will serve as a symbol of hope, unity, and the government’s commitment to meeting the needs of its citizens.

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