Minister of Justice meets with union Presidents and representatives on progress made

April 13, 2023  -Philipsburg – On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, the Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson met with the Presidents and representatives of the Unions representing the Justice workers. During the meeting, Minister Richardson provided a detailed update to all present on the progress made by the Ministry with regard to pending matters in relation to the placement process and the calculations being made for Justice workers eligible for retroactive pay, due to the incorporation of the 16.3% allowance into the salary base for the period 10-10-10 and 3.2% cost of living adjustment per 2012.

Presidents of the unions shared their concerns in an open and frank manner, yet expressed understanding of the complexity of the tasks being executed by the Ministry to redress a 13-year-long unjust situation. From expressed sentiments, it was understood that while patience is running low and frustrations are high given the lengthy process, the process is in the final stretch to completion. The President of WICSU/PSU, Ms. Sharon Cangieter expressed that with the progress made and the need for accurate calculations, setting another deadline would not serve the process. Ms. Cangieter believed that through collaborated efforts a successful conclusion could be achieved and felt it of greater importance and in the benefit of all to place focus and energy on this end goal.

The President of the NAPB, Mr. Rogerrel Mauricia, seconded the sentiments expressed by the WICSU/PSU President and reaffirmed the willingness and availability of the NAPB to assist in the completion of the processes, in the interest of all Justice workers. The Minister welcomed the positions taken by all presidents as well as the President of the ABVO Mr. Sharlon Cathalina who conveyed support for the objective of all to work together to bring a long overdue matter to a positive conclusion.

Parties discussed the completion of the legislative process, and carefully estimated a completion timeframe, to which no party set exact dates, considering that the ultimate completion of the process resulting in payment execution would require actions of other parties not at the table.

Minister Richardson, reassured by the pledged support and commitment from the Unions, also considering that earlier in the day police officers offered to assist with calculation reviews and completions, expressed gratitude and continued determination and dedication of her team to complete placement offers and calculations for eligible retroactive pay at the soonest. This is the last haul, and together, completion of all required tasks, in the interest of all Justice workers is a definite achievable goal.

Minister Richardson also reaffirmed her open-door policy and willingness to meet with her workers. The HR team will continue with the issuance of the placement offer letters and meeting with Justice workers seeking information or clarification. The granted access to historic payroll information will now facilitate the calculation process and required accuracy of calculations. Minister Richardson is still perusing all possibilities legally available to accommodate the Justice workers during this final stretch to the finish line.

The overtime issue was addressed, and Minister Richardson reassured all in attendance that the required communication would be reissued to rectify any misconceptions regarding this matter. The meeting was concluded in a unified manner, with all on board to complete the trajectory surrounding the rectification of legal positions of Justice workers once and for all.

“With everyone on board I am confident that we can complete our tasks faster,” Minister Richardson shared following the meeting.

Continued updates will be released to keep all Justice workers abreast of the progress being made until completion.

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