Minister Javier Silvania: “The tender for new ambulances will be re-executed”

June 19, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The Interim Minister of Health has instructed the management of the Fundashon Kuido Ambulance Korsou (FKAK) to re-execute the tender for the acquisition of new ambulances. 

During the monthly meeting between the Minister and the FKAK management on Friday, June 16th, in which the unions ABVO and CBV also participated, a draft plan was presented for the implementation of improvement proposals for the foundation. The improvement proposals are based on an operational audit and an employee satisfaction survey conducted by SOAB in early 2022. In addition to implementing the improvement proposals, new ambulances also need to be purchased. 

The FKAK management had already requested several quotations from different suppliers for the acquisition of ambulances. However, the quotation process did not take place in a transparent and predefined manner, raising questions among some stakeholders. In order to make the tender process transparent and well-auditable, the Minister has decided to re-execute the tender following the government’s applicable procurement procedures. This will involve using a pre-determined procurement approach, with terms of reference and selection criteria for the ambulances to be purchased. 

For the acquisition of new ambulances, ANG 1.35 million has been budgeted. This amount is expected to cover the purchase of 2 to 3 new ambulances fully equipped with medical apparatus. The funds are not transferred directly to the FKAK (Fundashon Kuido Ambulance Korsou) as they are specifically reserved for the purchase of new ambulances and can only be disbursed for the order of the new ambulances in accordance with the tendering and award procedures. 

In addition to acquiring new ambulances, an assessment is being conducted to determine if the current in-use and defective ambulances can be refurbished and upgraded. Furthermore, the FKAK intends to enter into a collaboration agreement with the Red Cross to explore the possibility of utilizing additional ambulance capacity in situations where the FKAK faces insufficient capacity due to unforeseen circumstances. 

The final implementation plan for the improvement proposals of the FKAK, including the new tender for the acquisition of new ambulances, will be presented to the Minister within a month. 

Through the implementation of the improvement proposals and a transparent tendering and procurement process for new ambulances, the Minister aims to contribute to the expansion and assurance of sufficient ambulance capacity in Curaçao. 

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