Minister Cooper grants concession to a new telecommunications company

May 8, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – To provide the people of Curaçao with more options and better rates in the field of telecommunications, including internet, cellular phone services, and data usage, Minister Cooper announced that he has granted a concession to the company Evolving Communications N.V as a new provider of telecommunications services. 

This means that Evolving Communications will be able to construct, maintain, and operate long-distance public telecommunications infrastructure. 

Currently, two companies offer telecommunications services to the community, namely Flow and Digicel. Minister Cooper indicated in a press release that he is now ensuring the entry of another competitor into the market. 

Soon, Aqualectra will also start functioning in this telecommunications market as a provider under the name AquaTel. 

In this way, the options available to the people are expanded, allowing them to choose the company that offers them the best services. 

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