Members of the Sint Maarten Police force me with the one of the members of Drag Racing Committee (C.C.C Inc)

April 13, 2023  -Members of the Sint Maarten Police force met on Thursday morning April 13th 2023 with the one of the members of Drag Racing Committee (C.C.C Inc) to discuss the safety and security aspects of a drag racing event that will should take place on Suoaliga Boulevard in the near future. The meeting resulted in a number of positive steps towards ensuring safe and legal racing for all participants and spectators.

During the meeting, both parties discussed the importance of obtaining the necessary permits and developing a safety plan that includes the required safety equipment for drag racing. The committee was provided with a clear understanding of the importance of adhering to safety standards and ensuring the safety of all those involved in the event, including spectators’ participants and other members of the community.

In addition to the discussion of permits and safety equipment, the committee also received valuable guidance on how to ensure the safety of all those who will be attend the event. This includes creating a clear plan for emergency situations and ensuring that all safety equipment is properly maintained and functioning.

The meeting held between the Police force of Sint Maarten and members of the Drag Racing Committee is a positive step towards ensuring that all drag racing events are safe, legal.  KPSM look forward to continuing our collaboration with the committee to promote safe and responsible drag racing events.

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