Member of Parliament for PAR proposes adding HIV/AIDS as an agenda item in the next IPKO

May 22, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Member of Parliament for PAR, Ana Maria Pauletta, states that the prevalence of the HIV epidemic in Curaçao is at least 0.53%, Aruba 0.37%, and Bonaire 0.3%, calculated based on the number of diagnosed individuals, which is not a realistic prevalence. The reality is that Curaçao does not yet have a clear view of the number of people infected with the HIV virus. 

Pauletta further mentions that recently SPIRIT and the Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation conducted an investigation on HIV/AIDS in the ABC countries. 

 “The investigation provides an overview of the local situation, as well as the similarities with our sister countries in the Kingdom. This investigation demonstrates the strength of working together within the Kingdom. In this context, I request the attention of the Kingdom Commission. If we want to combat this pandemic and see a decrease in infection rates in the Kingdom, we need to work together as countries. Collaboration in raising awareness, eliminating misinformation and reducing stigma, providing adequate treatment and medication throughout the Kingdom, ensuring a preventive vision – all of these aspects need to be deliberated.” 

During the period from June 1st to 5th, 2023, the parliamentarians of the Kingdom will meet in the IPKO platform. This platform has shown its potential for collaboration on topics such as health and education. Pauleta states that the agenda for the June 2023 IPKO is not yet known, but she still wants to propose to the Kingdom Commission to include the topic on the agenda. If the topic cannot be added, the request is to discuss it informally with the other members of the IPKO, with the intention of reaching concrete agreements. 

Pauletta states that she is prepared to provide more information about the topic to the Kingdom Commission and can also contact the commission, particularly Dr. Duits, who conducted the investigation. 

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