Member of Parliament for MFK questions discussion on fuel prices while quality is below level

May 8, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – There is an ongoing discussion about the continuous increase in fuel prices, while the recent report from SGS Inspire clearly states that the quality of fuel imported to Curaçao is poor and affects the performance of a large number of vehicles, says Member of Parliament for the coalition party MF Ramón Yung. 

In an extraordinary Council of Ministers meeting on Monday, May 8th, a decision will have to be made regarding a possible increase in fuel prices. Minister of Economy Ruisandro Cijntje, indicates that the Council of Ministers must choose between a price increase of 16 cents per liter or 29 cents per liter. In the case of choosing a 16-cent increase, it means that the turnover tax (OB) on fuel will be eliminated at the time of importation, and only the consumer will be charged with the OB at the time of purchase. 

Minister of Finance, Javier Silvania, on his part, indicates that there is no room to maintain the “instruction” on fuel price mitigation, as it is not incorporated in the 2023 budget. In the case of opting for a 16-cent increase, it would mean that each ministry will have to make budget cuts of around 1.42 million to cover the elimination of the OB on fuel importation, totaling 12.8 million guilders. 

The MP asks, “How is it possible that we are discussing an increase in fuel prices while a recent report from SGS Inspire clearly states and confirms that the quality of imported fuel is very poor?” 

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