Management of CMC threatens legal action if there is a strike

April 24, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The management of CMC will not hesitate to take legal action and file a lawsuit against the CBV union if actions take place today. This was reported by the hospital. 

Last week, a CMC employee circulated a message accusing the management and director Gilbert Martina personally of poor management and a lack of understanding for the concerns in the hospital. 

According to Martina, actions will have consequences for the quality and care of patients. Taking action would mean that patients and care are put in danger, with all possible consequences. 

According to Martina, there is no other option if staff decide to strike than to go to court. The management of CMC has since sent a letter to the union chairman kindly requesting that no action be taken. 

According to sources, a strike at the hospital has been avoided for the time being. This happened through the intervention of the National Mediator. The mediator invited the CBV union and the hospital management for talks, which prevented a possible employee action. 

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