MAN politician Mayra Coffie (77) passed away

February 6, 2024  –WILLEMSTAD – MAN politician Mayra Coffie passed away this morning. It happened on the day her party celebrated its 53rd anniversary. Mayra Coffie had been a loyal member of MAN for 45 years. Her party members recall Coffie as “la pelirroja,” the red-haired one, a sharp and strong politician in the former Island Council of Curaçao. 

Yael Plet, secretary of the MAN party, confirmed the news, stating that this is a very heavy blow for MAN and also for him. Plet speaks about his experiences with Mayra Coffie in politics, explaining that his political formation is largely due to Mrs. Coffie’s guidance. 

“She was always ready to help everyone. She always made her knowledge and experience available to help. Even in difficult times when illness played a role, Mayra Coffie did not shut herself off from people and continued to give advice,” said Plet. 

According to Plet, Mayra Coffie was a courageous woman, a former representative of Curaçao who always received respect for her work from both friends and political opponents. In the politics of the past, where men dominated, Mayra Coffie was a straightforward woman who stood up for what she believed in. 

The fact that she was a woman did not hinder Mayra Coffie from fully performing her duties. Yael Plet believes that this country would benefit if people in politics acted with conviction and directness. 

In 2008, Coffie stepped down as commissioner and became the chairman of MAN. In Mayra Coffie’s words: “As long as there is someone poor in this country, that is the reason why my party must exist. As long as someone in this country goes to bed hungry at night, the MAN party must be there.” 

The mass requested by the MAN party to celebrate its 53rd anniversary will proceed. It is now dedicated to Mayra Coffie. The politician is remembered for the significant contributions she made to MAN and to Curaçao. 

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