Man Jumps off Simpson-Bay Bridge

December 15, 2023  -The Sint Maarten Police Force, in conjunction with the Coast Guard, responded to an incident on December 14, 2023, at approximately 1:30 pm, involving a man who jumped off the Simpson-Bay Bridge near the Coast Guard and Police stations.

Central dispatch received a call from an observant police officer stationed in Simpson-Bay, reporting a man seen jumping off the bridge into the perilous waterway and boat lane between the lagoon and the sea. This prompted an immediate response from officers and personnel of the Coast Guard, who initiated a search for the individual.

Despite extensive efforts, the search yielded no results, and both agencies prepared for the possibility of a tragic outcome. Later in the afternoon, technological resources revealed that the individual had managed to pull himself out of the water several hundred feet further downstream.

The person involved was later encountered by a police officer from Simpson-Bay and reprimanded for his unwarranted behavior. This incident consumed valuable time and resources of both the police and the Coast Guard.

The Sint Maarten Police Force urges individuals to refrain from engaging in such behavior, considering the dangers it poses not only to themselves but also to the first responders involved. Instances like these divert critical resources from emergencies and endanger the safety of all parties concerned.

The public is reminded to be responsible and considerate of the potential consequences of their actions, recognizing the serious impact on emergency services and the broader community.

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