Man dies in construction accident in Guyana

April 26, 2023 –Loop News- Police in Guyana are investigating a fatal incident that claimed the life of a man at a worksite at Mackenzie Sports Club Ground in Linden.

The deceased has been identified as Cledwin Richards, also called ‘Fatboy’ or ‘Junior’, 43, a laborer of Soesdyke-Linden Highway.

According to reports, on Tuesday, Richards was working along with a 65-year-old Operator, who is contracted to drive piles in the ground at Mackenzie Sports Club, where construction works are ongoing.

Richards was a laborer at the worksite and was at the time ‘preparing’ the timber piles to be driven into the earth.

Reports are that he was walking on one of six piles that were packed on each other on the northern side of the ground.

While doing so, he allegedly slipped off the piles and fell between another pile that was resting on the ground. The pile that he was walking on subsequently tumbled and fell on his head, pinning him down.

With the assistance of other workers at the site, the pile was removed.

Police say the motionless body of Richard, who was not equipped with any safety gear, was picked up and escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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