Major drug and firearms bust in Guyana: 17-year-old among five arrested

November 10, 2023  -In a swift operation on Wednesday, police in Berbice, Guyana, apprehended a group of individuals, including a 17-year-old boy, following a tip-off regarding the presence of illicit contraband in New Amsterdam.

The law enforcement authorities executed a raid on the suspected property, unearthing a cache of illegal items.

Firearms and marijuana seized

During the operation, the police seized an unlicensed 12 gauge shotgun,125 rounds of 12 gauge cartridges, 19 rounds of .32 ammunition, 49 rounds of Geco .30ml carbine ammunition, 41 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and GYD$58,000.

Reports are that a total of 98 pounds of Marijuana were seized during the operation.

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