Maingrette Withdraws Support from Coalition, Joins Forces with UPP and NA for Stability

May 20, 2024  -In a significant political shift that has many St. Maarteners celebrating, Member of Parliament MP Kevin Maingrette has officially withdrawn his support from the current coalition government comprising the Unified Resilient Sint Maarten Movement, Democratic Party, Party for Progress, Nation Opportunity Wealth (URS, DP, PFP, and NOW) parties.

Citing concerns over prolonged instability, lack of effective leadership, and lack of transparency, Maingrette announced his decision to align with the United People’s Party (UPP) and the National Alliance (NA) on the floor of Parliament on Monday, May 20, “for a new and more stable coalition.”

“After much contemplation and deep reflection, I have decided to withdraw my support from the current Coalition. This decision is not one I have taken lightly; it is rooted in my unwavering commitment to the well-being and stability of our beloved nation,” stated Maingrette.
The government was formed after the January 11, 2024 election, but it took over four months to establish a Council of Ministers, with little to no information being forthcoming from the Formateur Dr Luc Mercelina of URSM. The Formateur, in Maingrette’s estimation, also failed to secure two Ministerial positions for two candidates appointed by the NOW faction and the PFP faction.

Despite this extended period, the two candidate ministers from two coalition parties have yet to be formally appointed, highlighting significant leadership and communication issues within the Coalition and further widening the level of disagreement that has been festering since the Coalition was formed.”The absence of proper leadership, the lack of transparent dialogue, and the failure to foster effective cooperation within the coalition have all contributed to the present impasse,” Maingrette explained. “As a Member of Parliament, I must prioritize the interests of the people of St. Maarten above all else.”

Maingrette’s decision aims to prevent another election cycle, further destabilizing the nation. By joining forces with UPP and NA, he believes a new coalition can provide the stability and effective governance St. Maarten urgently needs.
“My decision is driven by a desire to see our country thrive, to ensure that we have a stable government that can address the pressing issues we face, and to restore the faith of our citizens in their leaders,” Maingrette emphasized. “I promise to do everything in my power to ensure that this new coalition will work diligently and transparently to serve the people of St. Maarten for the full duration of this term.”

This move by Maingrette underscores his commitment to the long-term stability and prosperity of St. Maarten. He has issued rallying calls for the support and understanding of all citizens as this new Coalition takes shape.
By taking this bold step, MP Maingrette demonstrates his dedication to overcoming the current political challenges and paving the way for a more stable and effective government in St. Maarten.

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