Maingrette Stands with the Police, States that Minister Richardson Continues to Insult KPSM


November 8, 2023  -Minister of Justice, Richardson continues to insult KPSM. The KPSM (Korps Politie Sint Maarten) continues to seek resolution to its long-standing grievances while enduring a seemingly unending wait for justice. For at least four years, the completion of the function book and the associated payment owed to the dedicated police force have remained unresolved. Now, more responsibilities are being added to KPSM in what candidate of the NOW Party, Maingrette describes as an insult to injury.

“Delays and empty promises continue to plague our government,” Maingrette states. Protests and political maneuvers have become a regular occurrence, but the tangible results that KPSM members and their families await have not materialized. This prolonged delay only worsens the heavy burden our police force bears.

As the government undertakes much-needed projects such as school repairs and road renovations, the challenges facing the KPSM multiply. With schools being repaired, students find themselves shuffled into already congested areas. Concurrently, roadwork initiatives are underway in the same area, placing an additional burden on our overworked police force, as they are tasked with managing traffic to alleviate congestion.

Maingrette describes this situation as a “recipe for disaster,” a consequence of a failure to plan effectively that is a plan to fail. This dire situation calls for immediate attention and action.

In a recent development, the Minister of Justice has called upon KPSM to make yet another sacrifice in managing holding cells. Maingrette characterizes the Minister’s appeal as an emotional plea, describing it as a ‘vote-catching mission’ devoid of empathy for KPSM’s longstanding challenges and the safety of the people of Sint Maarten. “The Minister’s focus seems to neglect the broader safety concerns of the public and the already burdensome responsibilities on KPSM,” said Maingrette.

In response to these challenges, Maingrette issues a passionate call to the Minister of Justice, Richardson. The time for empty promises and political maneuvers is over, and now is the time for our government to demonstrate its unwavering support for the dedicated men and women of the KPSM.
The people of Sint Maarten deserve a secure environment, and it is imperative that the government promptly addresses the concerns of KPSM and ensures their well-being. The time for action is now.

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