April 19, 2023  -Sint Maarten is in the process of developing its NRA, which stands for “National
Risk Assessment”. An NRA is an exercise that helps countries identify and assess the potential risks associated in this case with money laundering, terrorism, and proliferation financing.

The NRA involves a process of analyzing a wide range of information, includingfinancial and non-financial data, to determine the level of risk in various sectors and industries.

As part of this NRA exercise, Sint Maarten has launched a website to inform the general population, financial institutions, designated businesses, and non-profit organizations on what it entails, and how these stakeholders and the general public can assist in its development.

The website provides information on the goals of the NRA and how it is conducted. The NRA Project Group can also be approached through this website with general questions about the process. Overall, the NRA report and the action points will recommend the important steps needed to ensure a stable and safe financial structure and economy of Sint Maarten and that it continues to meet the international standards for combating money laundering and terrorism financing.

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