KPSM addresses Ongoing School Fight Phenomenon: Former Student Arrested

August 31, 2023  -The Police Force of Sint Maarten is addressing the concerning and recurring issue of school fights in and around high schools. The recent incident involving a brawl in the South Reward area, captured on social media, has led to decisive action by law enforcement.

In response to one of the disturbing video that was widely circulated on social media platforms, KPSM initiated an investigation. The video depicted a violent altercation and involved numerous individuals, including a former student who has been identified as D.S.R. The suspect, now no longer a minor, had previously faced legal consequences in a separate case.

Upon reviewing the evidence and engaging with the Prosecutor’s Office, the police obtained the necessary permission to apprehend the suspect, D.S.R. As a result of his involvement in the altercation and considering his prior legal history, D.S.R. was taken into custody. Furthermore, it was revealed that D.S.R. was also required to fulfill an outstanding sentence related to his involvement in a previous criminal offense.

In addition to the arrest of D.S.R., the Police has identified several other individuals who were implicated in the school fight. These individuals, most of whom are students, will be subject to appropriate action in the near future. The Police Force is working diligently to address the root causes of these incidents and to prevent their recurrence.

KPSM acknowledges the importance of community involvement and cooperation in addressing these challenges. Parents, guardians, educators, and community leaders are encouraged to play an active role in guiding the youth away from violence and towards positive behavior.

Further updates on the progress of the investigation will be provided as they become available.

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