Justice served: Man convicted of brutal murder of Trinidadian mother in Florida

July 12, 2023  -CNW News -Four years after the murder of Kiara Alleyne, a mother from Trinidad and Tobago living in the US, her family and friends finally feel a sense of justice.

On July 7, 2023, Alleyne’s boyfriend, Deangelo Clark, was found guilty of the crime which occurred on September 11, 2019.

Alleyne, 20, was discovered murdered in her Ocala, Florida home.

Reports are that upon investigation, Marion County detectives found her lifeless body on the bedroom floor.

Chilling evidence and desperate pleas

Adding to the tragedy, Clark’s actions moments before Alleyne’s death provided chilling evidence. He took to Facebook to express his frustration and offer an apology for what he had just done to Alleyne.

Sadly, she succumbed to multiple stab wounds, as revealed by the autopsy.

The extent of the horror was further amplified by the fact that Clark video-called Alleyne’s father, Sheldon, on FaceTime during the murder.

Sheldon witnessed his daughter bleeding and heard her desperate cries for help, as she exclaimed, “He has the knife.”

Clark’s escape and apprehension

Following the crime, Clark fled the scene with their one-year-old daughter.

An alert was issued by the police. The child was found unharmed with a family member. The child is now under the care of Sheldon Alleyne.

Clark was eventually apprehended in Monroe County after evading authorities in Florida Keys.

During his escape, he set fire to the car he was in, resulting in severe burns that required hospital treatment. He faced charges of second-degree murder and attempted arson of a dwelling or structure.

Clark made his initial appearance at the Marion County Court on October 8, 2019, where he pleaded not guilty and requested a jury trial.

Initially scheduled for April 2023, the trial was delayed until July. On July 3, the jury was selected, and the trial commenced on July 5.

Represented by attorney Amanda Sizemore, Clark’s defense attempted to argue that Alleyne’s death was a suicide. However, on Friday, July 7, the presiding judge, Robert William Hodges, announced that the jury had found Clark guilty on both counts.

Remembering Miya Marcano

Florida was shaken by another murder case involving a Trinidadian. In 2021, Floridians were rocked by the killing of college student Miya Marcano, who was reported missing

Reports are that a maintenance worker who entered Marcano’s apartment unauthorized the day she disappeared was the prime suspect.

He later killed himself .

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said that authorities found Marcano’s body in a wooded area near an apartment building.

Authorities said the 19-year-old disappeared on the same day a maintenance man improperly used a master key to enter her apartment.

Her family reported her missing after she missed a flight home to South Florida on September 24, 2021.

Miya is the daughter of popular Trinidadian South Florida deejay, Marlon Marcano, known as “DJ Eternal Vibes”.

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