JURA to host sixth annual Reggae Jazz by the Water fundraising event

May 26, 2023  -The Jamaica United Relief Association (JURA) will host their Sixth annual “Reggae Jazz by the Water” fundraising event on Sunday, June 4, at the Holy Sacrament Episcopal Church in Florida.

This will be an evening of elegance, culture, and live entertainment including the amazingly talented  Saxophonist, Randy Corinthian and his Jazz Quintet, the Broward College Jazz Quintet, singer Bobby Rose, and DJ D Willis.

With continued support from donors, sponsors, and patrons, JURA is making a  difference to local hospitals in Jamaica through the donation of equipment and other healthcare supplies.

So far, the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay and Victoria  Jubilee Hospital in Kingston have benefitted from donations of five incubators as well as other needed supplies. Over 800 babies are born each month and fewer than 10  incubators are in working condition at the health institutions across the island.

The organization is also seeking to raise capital for their South Florida service projects including a scholarship fund for post-secondary students and donations to organizations feeding the homeless right here in the local community.

JURA has expressed gratitude to its sponsors, the diaspora community, and friends for their continued commitment and support of this life-saving fundraising effort.

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