Joint Control Operation Reveals Undocumented Employment/Nationals at Crystal’s Night Club

July 12, 2023  -The Mobile Control Unit of the Immigration Department recently received numerous anonymous tips and complaints regarding undocumented women working unlawfully at various adult entertainment establishments. In response to these concerns, a comprehensive joint control operation was organized, involving multiple government agencies, including the Immigration Mobile Control Unit, Customs Department, VSA Inspection Department, TEATT Inspection Department, and The Police of Sint Maarten.

Crystal’s Night Club was randomly selected as the first establishment to undergo this joint control operation, which took place on Friday, July 7th, 2023. The Immigration officers conducted inspections on fourteen women present at the establishment.

Out of the fourteen women, four were found to be in compliance with the regulations concerning lawful residence on St. Maarten. Additionally, two Colombian nationals and one national of the Dominican Republic were found to be within their lawfully permitted tourist period on the island, while another Dominican Republic national possessed a valid residence permit for St. Maarten.

However, the remaining ten women were detained by Immigration for overstaying their lawful permitted time based on their nationality.

Among the ten detained women, one was an Antiguan national born in Suriname, one was a Spanish national born in the Dominican Republic, one was a Saint Kitts national born in the Dominican Republic, and the remaining seven were Colombian nationals born in Colombia.

All of the detained women have been repatriated to their respective countries of origin and received a three-year ban from entering St. Maarten due to their unlawful residence or employment on the island.

The Immigration Department remains committed to upholding law and order and enforcing the National Ordinance of Admissions and Expulsions on St. Maarten. We express our sincere appreciation to the public for their valuable assistance and cooperation in reporting such matters. Our collective efforts will continue to ensure a safe and compliant environment for all individuals residing in St. Maarten.

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