Jamaica’s former Prime Minister PJ Patterson calls for respectful public discourse in Independence Day statement

August 9, 2023  -Former Prime Minister of Jamaica, PJ Patterson, criticized current political figures for their engagement in derogatory public discourse, stating that such behavior tarnishes the nation’s image and sets an unfavorable example for the younger generation.

Serving as the nation’s sixth head of government from 1992 to 2006, Patterson expressed his concerns during ‘Emancipendence Week’, an amalgamation of the Emancipation Day on August 1 and Independence Day on August 6 celebrations.

This reprimand followed a series of inappropriate comments from political platforms and social media platforms that led to intensified conflicts among political opponents and civil society groups.

The decline of public respect: Recent inappropriate political exchanges

Patterson highlighted the national anthem’s call for genuine respect for everyone and shared his growing concern over the decline in this value. He emphasized that public respect has hit an unprecedented low, noting the frequent use of derogatory language in political dialogues.

Patterson recalled the Values and Attitudes Program he initiated in 1994, which aimed to address societal issues like indiscipline and violence. The program, however, lost momentum due to societal indifference and political divisions.

Jamaica's former PM Pj patterson

Patterson further expressed that the nature of public discourse has become overwhelmingly negative, often attacking and vilifying individuals.

He further noted that instead of promoting mutual respect, many public speakers have adopted a consistently hostile and crude tone.

Patterson stressed the importance of confronting this decline, cautioning against remaining silent on the issue.

Patterson believes that such behavior is a disservice to the nation’s democratic values and hinders its potential for progress. He added that the nation’s forebearers would be disappointed by the present state of public discourse.

He emphasized the role of open public speech in democracy, explaining that it facilitates policy debates and holds leaders accountable.

Consequences of derogatory discourse: Eroding democracy and trust

While Patterson acknowledged the inevitability of disagreements in political discourse, he underscored the need for maintaining decorum and respect.

He warned that crassness in dialogue can erode trust in institutions and increase societal divisions, reducing the likelihood of gaining political support.

Patterson cautioned that continued negative discourse could deter potential leaders from stepping up and participating in public service.

Digital age amplification: The impact and impression on the younger generation

In today’s digital age, Patterson pointed out, comments made in public forums can be broadcasted globally in an instant.

He noted that this has implications for the younger generation who are closely observing and often emulating these behaviors. Patterson emphasized the challenge of teaching respect to the youth when the examples set by some in positions of power are far from commendable.

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