Jamaicans encouraged to report cyber and fraud-related crimes

December 19, 2023  -CNW News  -In a bid to safeguard Jamaican consumers during the festive Christmas season, law enforcement authorities are urging individuals to remain vigilant against the surge in cyber and fraud-related crimes.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Stephanie Lindsay, who heads the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Corporate Communications Unit, issued this warning during a recent engagement at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on December 14.

SSP Stephanie Lindsay emphasized that the Police have observed an alarming increase in such crimes, particularly in light of the Christmas festivities.

Seductive scams lure victims

According to SSP Lindsay noted that perpetrators have resorted to creating fictitious online personas masquerading as legitimate suppliers of various products.

These deceptive websites are meticulously designed to appear authentic and offer enticing deals that may deceive unsuspecting consumers.

Black Friday spurs surge in scams

The spike in fraudulent activities came to the forefront around the time of the recent Black Friday, a major shopping event that saw a significant increase in online transactions.

Criminals strategically timed their operations to coincide with the surge in e-commerce activities.

Reporting encouraged: A two-fold approach

To combat this rising threat, SSP Lindsay emphasizes the importance of reporting incidents to both financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Apart from identifying and apprehending the culprits, reporting cyber and fraud-related crimes is vital for data analysis and strategy development.

SSP Lindsay highlights that it also allows them to collect the data and to assess the magnitude of the problem, so they can develop strategies to prevent persons from being scammed.

Criminals face consequences

On a positive note, the police have made significant progress in apprehending cyber and fraud criminals.

SSP Lindsay shared that a number of persons have been arrested and brought before the court.

She added that several cases have been resolved in the court, where they have to pay back.

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