Jamaican ska singer Derrick Morgan says he will pursue legal action against daughter Queen Ifrica over rape accusation

August 31, 2023  -Veteran ska singer Derrick Morgan has revealed that he will take legal action against his daughter, Queen Ifrica, for accusing him of rape.

Morgan, 83, broke the news through a recent Instagram post.

“Queen I Freak Ya, you are a disgrace to the Morgan family,” he wrote. “You are a wealth of lies and accusations, that is why our lawyers are on the case.”

Estranged relations and accusations

Queen Ifrica revealed that her estranged relationship with Morgan was rooted in issues surrounding her mother. However, as an adult, she attempted to reconnect with him.

The alleged rape occurred during one of her stays at his Kingston residence, which she claims propelled her into advocacy for domestic abuse survivors.

The singer further disclosed that the traumatic incident motivated her to pen the 2009 hit song “Daddy,” which addresses incest.

In response, Morgan highlighted a 2017 interview where Ifrica discussed the inspiration behind the song, emphasizing her admission of wanting to write about incest due to its prevalent impact on people she personally knows.

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Sons defend father amidst claims

While Morgan has restricted comments on his social media posts, his sons, Courtney and Merrick, have actively defended him on various platforms, including on Ifrica’s pages.

Merrick Morgan has additionally engaged legal counsel, as Queen Ifrica claimed he is also a victim of rape by a family member.

Entertainment industry weighs in

Ifrica’s revelations have received a mix of condemnation and support.

Fellow artiste Tanya Stephens, herself a survivor of sexual abuse, challenged Merrick Morgan’s assertion that Queen Ifrica should relinquish the family name due to a perceived lack of “class.”

Meanwhile, Producer Skatta Burrell also applauded Ifrica’s courage in coming forward, stating that her bravery should be celebrated.

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