Jamaican police arrests over 80 suspects in lottery scam crackdown

November 3, 2023  -In a concerted effort to combat lottery scamming, Jamaican law enforcement agencies have detained over 80 suspects through focused initiatives this year.

These operations have not only disrupted the scamming activities but have also led to the confiscation of various items associated with the illicit practice.

Impact on crime statistics

Reports are that the assertive actions in regions such as St. James and Westmoreland have made a significant impact on local crime figures.

Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers shared with Radio Jamaica News that St. James, in particular, has observed a notable reduction in major criminal activity, with a decrease of 18 per cent compared to the previous year’s data.

This downtrend encompasses a 7 per cent reduction in murder rates and a 9 percent decrease in shooting incidents.

Chambers said that Westmoreland mirrors this trend with a sharp decline in violent crimes. The area has witnessed a considerable decrease in murders and a similar reduction in shootings by 9 per cent.

Positive ripple effect

The ripple effect of the targeted operations against lottery scamming extends beyond the immediate arrests.

Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers highlighted an 11 per cent overall reduction in major crimes within the Area One Police Division.

This equates to over 107 fewer incidents than what was reported in the preceding year, signaling a significant breakthrough in law enforcement efforts.

These results mark a stark contrast to the previous year’s figures, where 68 individuals were apprehended for lottery scamming.

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