Jamaican national faces court for traffic violations in Trinidad

November 3, 2023  -A 36-year-old man of Jamaican man is slated to appear before a magistrate in San Fernando, Trinidad, following his arrest for traffic-related offenses.

The individual, a native of Spanish Town has had his identity withheld pending the legal proceedings.

Charges laid

The man stands accused of operating a vehicle without a valid driving permit and the necessary insurance documentation.

The situation unfolded when a routine patrol led to the man being pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

The stop and discovery

Upon halting a white Nissan Tiida, the officer noted a visible defect: one tire of the vehicle was notably worn.

This prompted a further inspection, leading to the request for the driver’s license and vehicle papers.

It was then that the man presented an expired international driving permit.

Unraveling of the case

Further inquiries led to the revelation that the driver, who claimed to be a mason from  Princes Town, had significantly overstayed his welcome in Trinidad and Tobago, with an excess of 12 years beyond his permitted time.


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