Jamaican MP Phillip Paulwell’s daughter and her mother have seemingly been abducted

September 11, 2023  -The Jamaican police have launched a search for Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell’s 10-month-old daughter Sarayah and her mother, who were “seemingly abducted” from their home in St Andrew on Saturday.

Reports are that they were last seen at about 7 a.m. at their gate on Gilmour Drive in the parish.

Paulwell issued a statement on Sunday conveying deep concern over their absence while hoping for their safe return.

“This is scary and comes at a time when I have been threatened by scammers who have hacked my phone and banking data and are demanding money to release them,” he said.

He said he had given a statement to the police and had strengthened his security.

“I have made it clear that I will not give in to extortionists but this is a serious and dangerous development,” Paulwell said, adding that “I am worried sick over their safety and hope the police, who have launched a high level investigation, will find the abductors and get them both home safe and sound.”

Phillip Paulwell.

Pauwell’s long-standing partner denies allegations 

Less than 24 hours after the announcement by the Jamaican parliamentarian, his longtime partner, Leoda Bradshaw, stepped forward to refute allegations suggesting her involvement in the suspected abduction.

As the hours ticked by, a perplexing post on social media emerged, purportedly from 27-year-old Toshyna Patterson – the mother of the child – affirming both she and the baby were safe.

Despite this, law enforcement continued to list them as missing.

Sources from the Jamaica Observer have raised suspicions about the authenticity of the post.

Bradshaw’s clarifications

Bradshaw, a US-based attorney firmly shared with the Jamaica Observer that her only interaction with Ms. Patterson is through a brief Facebook exchange.

Refuting rumors of any phone conversation or potential meetings with Patterson, Bradshaw is adamant about passing on the false claims to her legal counsel.

Highlighting her concern for the missing duo, Bradshaw revealed to the Observer that she has shared all the information she has with the authorities and she hopes their investigation will lead to the safe return of Ms. Patterson and her daughter.

Bradshaw, also painting the larger picture surrounding Paulwell, an Opposition Member of Parliament, recounted a disturbing series of events.

Unraveling ties and past threats

She shared that in May, their eight-year-old daughter reportedly received inappropriate photos which were followed by email threats and extortion attempts.

These threats, she noted, were reported to numerous U.S. agencies, eventually reaching Jamaican authorities.

This saga took a darker turn when, on September 3, threats to release Paulwell’s personal information emerged alongside more ominous threats targeting their child.

Unearthed relationship

Bradshaw shared that she was brought into the loop about Patterson and her child with Paulwell on September 5.

Following confirmation from Paulwell about the probability of the child being his, she reached out to Patterson.

Assuring Patterson of financial support and an impending DNA test, Bradshaw emphasized her focus was the child’s well-being and preventing the child from getting caught in the crossfire of two estranged parents.

She further said the she will continue to work with the local and US authorities to get to the bottom of the threats against her family, in particular her young daughter.

Bradshaw’s plea

Amid the whirlwind of accusations, threats, and uncertainties, Bradshaw expressed that her main concern remains the safety of Patterson and her daughter.

She appeals to the public, saying she will continue to pray for the safe return of Ms. Patterson and her baby and ask anyone with information to contact the police.

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