Jacobs: Children under 15 do not belong in a jump-up

April 19, 2023  -Daily Herald St. Maarten – PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs on Wednesday issued a firm call on parents to take their responsibilities seriously, stating that children under the age of fifteen should not be participating in jump-ups.

She told reporters during the live Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday that she had been dismayed to see youngsters under the age of 15 participating in the Carnival Opening Jump-Up and saddened to hear them boast of being inebriated.

“Again, we do have laws in St. Maarten. And what I saw for the Opening Jump-Up was a lot of youngsters. Parents, take your responsibility seriously,” stated Jacobs. “Children under 15 do not belong in a jump-up. Children under 15, by law, do not belong in public dance parties. That is what a jump-up is. It is for 15 and up. So, if you bring your child to that then you should be there. Your children should not be in that melee by themselves.

“It was not good to see. And I overheard several young people saying, ‘Boy, I was drunk.’ That is not a good look for St. Maarten. That is not a good look for your child, whose brain is still developing. So, take your responsibility seriously. It should not be left to law enforcement to be pulling children out of a jump-up.

“So, we have other events coming up that are adult-geared; let that be for adults and the things that are geared for children – there was a wonderful family day on Sunday [April 16 – Ed.] – let those be geared for children. So, I look forward to us keeping our youths safe and I ask all those road-users [to be careful]. We are seeing a lot of deaths as a result of scooter accidents and I am seeing a lot of crazy behaviour on the street between cars; you are not only endangering your life, which is precious, but those of other road-users.”

She commended the Culture Department on a job well done for the promotion of culture for the Culture Night event that was fully funded by government “and enjoyed by all. I encourage all artistes to continue to promote themselves all through the year and, hopefully, we would be able to sustain them in that as well and look forward to other events.”

She urged everyone to be careful, safe and have an enjoyable Carnival.

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