“It was supposedly resolved, but the tax office’s preferential treatment continues”

September 5, 2023   –WILLEMSTAD – Despite efforts to make taxation fairer in Curaçao, Finance Minister Javier Silvania still hasn’t been able to fully address the system that allows financially capable taxpayers or well-connected individuals to enjoy preferential treatment at the Tax Office. 

The minister emphasized that it is unacceptable that people with substantial financial means can arrange deals and only pay a fraction of their tax debts, while others with minimal pensions are heavily burdened. 


This call is noteworthy because Silvania stated in the parliament in March of last year that he had put an end to favoritism for friends and family at the Tax Office. 

According to Silvania, individuals with high-ranking positions in the civil service and the public sector had been receiving preferential treatment at the Tax Office for years. 

This group included ministers, parliamentarians, heads of departments, directors, and commissioners of public institutions or any other high-ranking official in the public sector. 

In such cases, approval had to be given by superiors at the Receiver’s Office before the tax returns were assessed. 

Silvania claimed that this situation had ceased, and the Pisas government had rectified matters. 

Immediate Action 

However, in a recent statement, Silvania has once again warned the Director of the Tax Office, Mr. Trona, that these practices must cease immediately. 

The minister stated that the Tax Office will undergo significant changes in the coming period to operate more efficiently and protect the interests of all citizens. He emphasized that it is high time to put an end to these unjust practices and ensure that the tax system is fair for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. 

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