International Youth day

August 11, 2023  –Ladies and Gentlemen, and most importantly, our incredible young minds,

Today, August 12, 2023, we stand at the crossroads of a shift towards a greener, more sustainable world. This transition is not just an option; it’s a critical response to the global climate crisis that we face. It’s a pathway toward achieving the sustainable development goals that will shape our future.

The journey towards an environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly world hinges on our collective efforts. Yet, at its core, it depends on the growth and nurturing of a green population – individuals equipped with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to flourish within a sustainable society.

Green skills aren’t just words on a page; they’re the keys to unlocking a better tomorrow. They empower us to not only live with our planet but also to actively develop and support its health and wellbeing. While these skills are relevant across all generations, their importance shines ever brighter for our youth. Your potential to drive the green transition spans decades, offering a sustained impact that’s truly invaluable.

I’m proud to stand here as a representative of the St. Maarten Lions Club, extending a warm welcome and heartfelt encouragement to all young individuals. Embrace the opportunity before you to rally behind a greener environment. Your role is crucial, not only within your own lives but within your communities. As you step into this role, remember that you’re not alone – you’re supported by a network of passionate souls, standing united for a more sustainable world.

So, on this International Youth Day, let us join hands, minds, and hearts to champion the cause of a greener tomorrow. Let’s utilize this platform to stand up for a more sustainable future, for ourselves and for generations yet to come.

Together, let’s make a difference needed not only for today but beyond.

Happy International Youth Day! 

President, St. Maarten lion club Felix Richards 

Kindness to others, is service to ourselves.

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