Inspection closes twelve hospitality businesses due to hygiene

October 30, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Over the weekend, the inspection authorities closed twelve hospitality businesses because their kitchens lacked proper hygiene. In total, sixteen establishments were inspected. 

On Sunday, Floresia Bar & Restaurant and Rose Garden Restaurant were closed. In the kitchen of the latter establishment, the inspection found cat hairs. Ribs Factory and De Fles also had to close. Even though De Fles is a new establishment, the kitchen did not meet hygiene standards. The filter in the extractor hood was clogged with grease residues. When grease accumulates for an extended period, it can harbor bacteria and develop into mold. 

Restaurants that met all hygiene requirements included Sun Flower Restaurant in Groot Davelaar, Eastern Dynasty Restaurant in Paradijs, and Sabor de Rosario in the former headquarters of Frente Obrero. 

On Saturday, inspections took place in Banda Bou and Sta. Maria. In these areas, nine hospitality businesses were visited, and eight of them were closed for violations, primarily related to hygiene. 

The closed businesses included Statuut Restaurant in Dokterstuin, 4th of July Snack in Barber, Yui Wah Bar Restaurant in Kaya Prospero Royer, Patio Shimaruku in Lelienberg, and Chan na Soto Snack in Groot Sta. Martha. 

At the last location, a freezer was found, which should not be in a kitchen as it is used to store meat. In Santa Cruz, Bou Palu Snack, Flip, Micky Restaurant in Gato, and Super Mi Lucha were closed. The only restaurant among the nine inspected businesses that met all hygiene standards was Heirloom Restaurant, formerly known as “Kibra hacha” in Lelienberg. 

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