Indigenous communities in Guyana receive billions for development

July 10, 2023  -In a significant move towards development and prosperity in indigenous communities, the government of Guyana has disbursed GY$1.3 billion in carbon credit funds. This disbursement is part of the GY$4.7 billion received from Hess Corporation for the sale of 30 per cent of Guyana’s forest.

During a one-day conference organized to provide Amerindian leaders with a platform to voice their concerns at the regional level, Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, announced that several villages have already utilized the funds for various developmental purposes.

Out of the 242 Amerindian villages in Guyana, 165 have submitted their Village Sustainability Plans (VSPs) so far.

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Minister Sukhai expressed her anticipation in seeing the outcomes of these plans.

“When I visit villages, I expect to witness a flurry of activities, with new and impressive infrastructure being constructed, engaging communities and villages,” stated the minister.

Urging Guyanese communities to secure additional financial

Sukhai urged village leaders to complete their projects promptly and submit financial reports to her office. Doing so would not only ensure transparency but also increase the chances of securing additional financial aid from various sources, including the Presidential Grant Program, the $10 million COVID-19 investment fund, the three billion supplementary fund for Amerindian development allocated at the last National Toshaos’ Conference (NTC), and the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF).

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