Hunter Biden: Prosecutors seek indictment of president’s son this month

September 6, 2023  -BBC News –Federal prosecutors plan to seek an indictment of US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, by the end of this month, according to court papers.

It is not clear what charges justice department special counsel David Weiss plans to file against Hunter Biden.

A planned plea bargain to resolve tax-and-gun counts faced by the 53-year-old fell apart in July.

That case marked the first time the justice department had charged the child of a sitting president.

On Wednesday, Ms Weiss’ office gave a deadline of 29 September for the planned new indictment.

The court filing is related to the felony gun charge alleging that Hunter Biden illegally possessed a gun while he was a drug user.

Hunter Biden’s legal team responded in a court filing that their client was abiding by the terms of a so-called diversion agreement approved by a probation office under which he must stay out of trouble for two years.

In July, a federal judge said she could not approve an “unusual” plea deal overseen by Mr Weiss that would have spared Hunter Biden prison time.

At that hearing, he ultimately pleaded not guilty to two counts of failure to pay federal taxes on income of more than $1.5m (£1.2m) annually from 2017-18.

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